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Perhaps we at Bedford Coffee Roasters are just perfectionists, as we go to great lengths to ensure 100% satisfaction goes into every cup of coffee our customers drink.

about us

Our coffee dream originated in the Cameroon way back in 2006. In 2021 that innovation to sharing our own favourite beverage with you came alive. At Bedford Coffee Roasters, we import our own raw green coffee beans: both Arabica and Robusta from around the world. Here in the UK is where the beans are roasted, so we can always guarantee the same excellent quality  of taste time and time again.


We offer some of the best value coffee you can buy online. 

1. All of our coffees are single source which you would normally have to pay a premium for; but with Bedford Coffee Roasters this is our standard price.

2. All our prices include UK tax and include FREE DELIVERY to any UK Mainland address by a recognised carrier. The prices we show is the price you pay… no additional carriage charges when you get to check out.

3. You will save up to 20% on the unit cost if you order multiple units… we do this because we believe in value for money… plus we want you to be able to taste some of the best quality coffee available at a price that is very affordable.

4. All our packs are self-seal to maintain freshness throughout.


Who we are

Bedford Coffee Roasters are a small company of dedicated friends who have gotten together because of their love for coffee and to make selling a good quality coffee dream come true.


our goal

Our goal is to encourage growth of the finest coffee beans our sources can produce. We are constantly striving to perfect the coffee brew. By carefully monitoring all stages of our coffee bean growth, we know you will be tasting the finest aromatic coffee to reach your cup.

What we do

We import raw coffee beans in bulk, always from a single sustainable source, then roast them in the UK, where we package the whole bean and ground bean varieties into 250g, 500g and larger 1kg bags to be sold directly online to the public.

sustainable coffee

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