variety of roasts

our range of coffee roasts

Perhaps we at Bedford Coffee Roasters are just perfectionists, as we go to great lengths to ensure 100% satisfaction goes into every cup of coffee.

our collection of coffee roasts

Bedford Coffee Roasters imports its own raw green coffee beans to the UK. Here it is hand roasted to perfection, so we can always guarantee the same excellent quality taste time and again.

Currently we can offer single source Robusta coffee from the Cameroon in three different roasts and single source 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Ethiopia.


bamenda Roast

Bamenda single source Robusta Coffee Beans from the Cameroon.
Medium roasted to perfection for a very satisfying cup of coffee.

Harvested raw coffee beans

beua MOUNTAIN roast

Our goal is to encourage growth of the finest coffee beans our sources can produce. We are constantly striving to perfect the coffee brew. Buea Mountain is 100% Robusta Coffee from the Cameroon, strong roasted to perfection.


bamileke MILD roast

Bamileke Mild made from 100% Robusta beans from the Cameroon. Ideal for customers who like the taste of coffee but without the intensity.
Light roasted for a mild flavour.