Are you a coffee expert?

 We love our coffee and a coffee roaster would be just the thing, along side the grinder and percolator –

    – Why is it people just cannot do without their coffee fix? –

  • So you believe yourself to be a bit of a coffee connoisseur, an expert for picking underlining flavours that makes that coffee bean noted from the region it has been produced from..  The world of coffee is one the vastest beverages to be consummed by man kind, it is a fact, it also brings in great profits to those who can produce that just right coffee for thier beloved customers.  but no matter how good a coffee seller frothes up that milk, we only appreciate our coffee the way we like to have it.  Our palaettes differ hugely over strengths and flavours, but for a portion of the coffee consumming population, who can actually drink any coffee from anywhere and probably not taste the difference.  Myself I am very fussy, I will either like it not,  if too strong I will just leave it,  if the coffee arrives barely warm, that is a big no no for me and I oculd well take it back and ask for a replacement.  I like mine hot, a weak decaf, depending on my mood for the day I may have a latte with oat milk and if I am feeling really like going to town I will enjoy a large squirt of cream that I know I should not be topping my coffee off with. Yours could be a strong espresso, tiny cups full flavoured, normally drank with a glass of water if that strong.. Or what about these flavoured syrups, halloween and christmas times brings out the seasonal flavourings such as gingerbread, if you like syrups in your coffee at all.. But why not take one step further, it is not everyday or is it? that you are scooting off towards your favourite coffee shop on the way to work perphaps, it becomes a habit anything done regualrly could end up a habit and an expense. 
  • What if you cannot be bothered one morning,  we all have those days, a chillaxed morning you do not want to spoil, you are in your PJs and by having to get ready to go all the way to the other side for your supposed favourite coffee or even take a bus ride away, as the local cafe just will not do with that plain screw on and off coffee cap using nothing but instant coffee granules, and heavens forbid if it isn’t Nestlé Azera! (OK… that is my favourite instant coffee brand). No it is just not going to happen, but, what a thought, your own actual coffee roaster, ahh go on, imagine the smell, all that will be needed is you learning to bake fresh bread, or is that too much.  For a few, baking bread is not a big deal, but for the most a slice of toast from shop bought bread is just as satisfying, a lashing of warmed through butter. There you go your in heaven, your own roaster, the smell of the coffee and a little planned timing and you will have coffee on tap your way every day.  With a little research on line, did you know the longer you roast your beans, the healthier the beans are for drinking?   What I am saying is, you could do better with your own roasted coffee every day as you like it.
  • It is a thought for those much in love cannot do with out their daily intake of coffee. There are definetely many varying models to go for, the research into buying one is a personal choice and could be an asset for even the hardened coffee lover. Next to owning a roaster, you will need to consider a coffee grinder, we are still talking real coffee drinkers where coffee is the must-have drink in the house.  To grind those beans to a smooth coffee powder is like baking a cake for bakers, and you get to choose how soft or course as your preference likes. Then grinder will be the next valuable item in the kitchen.  The set cannot be completed unless you have the third item; ground coffee needs a percolator,  you dreamed of using one and it is going to get a lot of use,  as all three items go hand in hand,  ahh hand in hand like a love thing, well it is isn’t it that love for our coffee. These are nice gifts for any time of the year.
  • I have spoken to a fair few individuals who have all said, at least 4 to 6 cups are needed to start the process where you get to the point you are pulling yourself together,  starting with their first brew in the morning..  as mentioned, that percolator would then be ideal asset in the kitchen next to the grinder that sits next to the roaster.  You can fill that glass coffee pot or whatever coffee pot your percolator sits one, to the brim, enough to help get you through your morning. But what if you are on the go in a hurry, no problem,  you see now that is where the much loved reuseable cup is invaluble, myself I prefer bamboo cups, others will like what ever they think pretty and stylish..  Buying your reusable cup can be a challenge, I kid you not.  How long does it take for you to choose a reuseable cup?, anything like myself, a very long time. No way can I be rushed, I will need to touch, picking up for the feel of it, is important, too heavy many not suit everyone. 
  •  Then we have the style and the pattern of the cup. What materials is it made off, they should all be thermal, but are they going to be easy to carry? even the best top coffee cafe’s stock accessories such as take away cups.  I know what you are thinking, surely not, you can’t take that long over choosing a reuseable cup, but I do and that goes for most things I like to buy. The cups will come individually styled and designer branded, would actually make a great gift for someone who is a coffee lover. Go on yes they are, it is meant to be a gift after all, either treat yourself so you can have your first or second coffee on the go without stopping and queuing for a brew, or buy it as a gift for someone else you know just loves to take their coffee on the go, and buy one that will last for a very long time..( Just to top this off,) a lot of the coffee beans imported could well be coming from the same source, so technically the flavour of the bean starts it’s life tasting the same. It will be how the coffee is roasted that gives and adds a unique individual flavour.
  •  It could be that unique flavour styled only to a particular company, the raw bean is usually green in colour, and could have came from the same supplier as it’s competiters.  The bean is then roasted in huge commercial roasters, quality checked all the way before landing in thier own designer bag to be sold to the public via outlets such as your local coffee shop, the unique impregnated flavouring not only originates from the region it has been cultivated from, but to what may have been added to enhance along side the natural bean giving every brand it’s own specialised coffee, the strength will have come during the roasting period. Your local coffee shop will have ascertained it’s customer based likes, and through that will know what to offer it’s customers as choices.  One choice will be that by having bagged roasted beans ready for grinding for sale, this way offering you a choice for convenience so therefore the thought of a roaster may not be a kitchen item of importance but the grinder and percolator will be, the subject of coffee can just carry one, but that is how basically the multi expanse business of coffee  runs..
  • Enjoy 🙂
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