We now offer both Whole Bean and Ground Coffee for Cafetière and French Press coffee makers

Due to public demand we now offer ground coffee as well as whole bean. You’ll notice on our website there is an extra option enabling you to choose which one you would like. Both types are available in 250g; 500g and 1Kg. Another point we would like to bring to your attention is the 250g packs. Most roasters either offer 227g or even 200g – and they are usually a blend of sorts. All our different coffees are Single Source and are available as standard in 250g re-seal valve packs. The main advantage of single-origin coffees is that they will display unique characteristics that can only be found in that specific coffee origin. If you order single source coffee in a coffee shop or cafe, you will normally pay extra for the privilege – standard price at Bedford Coffee Roasters.
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